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Lufthansa Cancellation Policy

Lufthansa airlines is second largest airline for passengers traveling across Europe and was controlled by Germany. In the event of a sudden change in plans or other emergency, you are able to cancel your flight ticket through Lufthansa airlines. This airline has created a flight cancellation policy in order to be aware the conditions and terms for the change or cancellation of flights on domestic and international routes. In this article, you'll read all specifics concerning Lufthansa airline's cancellation policy. According to the covid-19 regulations All policies have been revised.

 Lufthansa Cancellation Policy 

As per Lufthansa Airlines Cancellation policy, it permits you to go through a simple process to cancel your flight ticket and pay compensation to the person who booked the flight.

  1. If you are unable to take off from the aircraft due to any reason, your ticket will be cancelled as per the Lufthansa no-show policy.
  2. You can request cancellation for both non-restricted and restricted airfares on international flights, as and domestic flights.
  3. When your plane is due to leave within 1 week from the time of the request, you may make a cancellation on that day.
  4. If the ticket for your flight was booked through an agency for travel, you can cancel your flight by contacting the customer support center.

 How do I end my trip through Lufthansa Airlines? 

Here are the ways for you to cancel your reservations :

 At airport 


  1. First, you must get to the airport.
  2. Following that, you will need go to the Lufthansa counter for tickets to the air.
  3. In the next step, you must ask your Lufthansa representative to change your flight.
  4. In the next step, passengers need to provide the necessary information, such as reservation code, name of passenger or ticket number, the time of departure and arrival times, and the date.
  5. When the supervisor is convinced that your flight meets the requirements then the process of cancellation begins.

 Via call 

You can call toll-free Lufthansa airline's helpline anytime during the day. Therefore, it's the best and fastest way to end this flight.

Refuse to fly using the portal online for Lufthansa airlines


  1. Visit the official website for Lufthansa airline at the upper right hand part of the page, sign in and enter all of your login details.
  2. After that, scroll down and you'll see four options(check-in and flight status, the booking I have made, mile and more)now you need to select the 'MY BILLINGS' option.
  3. A drop-down list opens and you need to complete your booking number, the first name, and last name. Click on the Find Bookings tab.
  4. Select the ticket that you want to cancel and click the cancel option.
  5. The cancellation fee must be paid in advance.
  6. Give confirmation commands to cancel the reservation.
  7. When the time is up you will receive an email confirmation and will be eligible to receive an amount of money back.

 Lufthansa Airlines 24-hours cancellation Policy 


The airline offers a free cancellation policy, which means you are able to cancel your flight within 24 hours for any type of ticket provided the departure time will be cancelled after 7 days and you do not have to pay additional fees.

 Lufthansa Medical cancellation 

According to the Lufthansa airline cancellation policy, You may request immediate cancellation of your ticket in the event of injury or death to the passenger. To do this, you have to present your death certificates or other reports when required.



A portion of the cost must be paid in order to end the Lufthansa airline flight ticket.


The total cost of the tickets needs to be paid in full

Awarded TICKETS(purchased via points, miles)

USD 50

It is important to keep your FARE(if you don't take decision within 48-hours)

USD 39


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