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Lufthansa 24-Hour Policy Cancellation

Lufthansa allows you cancel your flight up 24 hours prior to your trip if your travel plans suddenly change. No cancellation fees are applicable if the ticket is fully refundable. Iberia Airlines cancel policies won't allow cancellations of tickets that are non-refundable.

However, there are some circumstances where even tickets that are not refundable can be given a full refund. The conditions they are allowed to be refunded are listed below.

  • Cancellations within the first 24 hours of booking flights departing after seven days or more are eligible for a complete refund.

  • Lufthansa guarantees a full refund for any flight cancelled.

  • In the event of flight delays, you can get a full reimbursement if your flight is delayed by:

    • If the event is triggered by an unusuality occurring more than 1 days before departure, allow for at least 2 hours.

    • You can be delayed by more than 5 hours if you are triggered by an incident on the day of departure.

  • Refundable tickets are valid for a full refund.

  • You can receive a full return on all flights or trips that have been impacted under COVID-19.

  • You can get a full refund for any denials of board on confirmed reservations.

  • Flying cancellations caused by special circumstances such as death, serious illness or other reasons may be eligible for a full return.

Lufthansa's cancellation policy states, "In all other scenarios, you will pay a cancel fee, subjected to the fare terms on your ticket."

 Lufthansa 24-Hour Policy Cancellation 

Lufthansa's 24-hour cancellations policy allows you to cancel your flight, and get full refund

  • You can cancel within 24hrs of purchasing ,.

  • Your flight will depart at least 7 working days later

Lufthansa applies a 24-hour cancellation policy to all types and types of tickets, even those that are non-refundable. To receive a refund, you must fulfill both the conditions above. That is, cancel your booking within one day (24-hours) and leave at least seven days before departure. You will not receive a complete refund if you don't fulfill the conditions.

 Lufthansa Cancellation Procedure Due to COVID 

  • Lufthansa's cancellation policy to respond to coronavirus states that you have the right to a full return if your flight was canceled due to COVID-19. This link allows you to request a full refund even if your flight was cancelled due to COVID-19.

  • If you have not used your ticket, the entire amount will be refunded. You will be reimbursed any portion of your ticket that you used.

  • If your itinerary doesn’t include any cancelled flights and that you wish to cancel it then the refund will depend upon your fare condition.

  • Except for flights from Japan to Europe, you may make changes to your existing flight bookings up to June 31, 2021. Apart from the ability to change the date, you also have the option of changing your departure or destination airports.

 Lufthansa Cancellation Program Due to Death or Serious Injuries 

Lufthansa cancels flights if you become ill suddenly or lose a loved one. You can change your travel date until you're able to travel again. But, cancellations may not allow.

 Lufthansa Cancellation Procedure--Other Condition 

According to the Lufthansa cancellation protocol:

  • Lufthansa cancellations may be made online, by phone or at a ticket shop.

  • Lufthansa cancellations will be possible online regardless of whether your ticket was purchased directly from the travel agency or via the internet.

  • To get a refund, your flight must be cancelled within the stipulated time.

  • If Lufthansa cancels a flight, and you need a refund, submit an online request to receive your refund. You will have to contact the seller directly if your ticket has been cancelled by Lufthansa.

 Lufthansa Cancellation fees for non-refundable tickets 

Lufthansa cancellation costs for non-refundable ticket are determined by when you cancel your ticket. This can be within 24 hours of booking, or after.

 Cancellations within 48 hours of ticket booking  

 Cancellations Within 24 Hours of Booking  

If you cancel a non-refundable flight less than 24h after purchasing it, and your flight departs later than 7 days after purchase, you will not be charged any cancellation fee

You can cancel a non-refundable flight after the risk-free window. Except for taxes, .

Lufthansa Cancellation fees for Secure your Fare' Options 

39 cancellation fee will apply to reservations made using the Secure you Fare' option.

 Lufthansa Cancellation Cost for Award Tickets 

Cancelling an award ticket will result in a cancellation fee of USD 60.

 Cancelling a Lufthansa Booking 

You can cancel a Lufthansa flight by calling or online through a ticket desk or travel agent.

 Cancelling a Lufthansa Booking 

You can cancel a Lufthansa flight by phone, online or through a travel agent or ticket office.

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You can cancel your Lufthansa flight online no more than one day before departure.

  1. Go to

  2. Click the tab
    (lower left corner of your screen).

  3. Enter the following information.

    1. Your first initial

    2. Your last name

    3. Your booking code

  4. Click the Get Bookings icon
    All refundable reservations will appear in your Booking Summary

  5. Click on the Cancellation button and select the booking you wish cancel.

  6. Confirm your cancellation

You can also cancel your Lufthansa flight(s), through the mobile application.

You can cancel your Lufthansa Flight Booking.

  • Lufthansa will send confirmation mail

  • Your flight will cancel

  • The refundable balance will be automatically credited directly to your bank account or credit-card account (i.e. account used to purchase your ticket).


  • If an online refund is not available, you can contact your local Lufthansa service center to request a refund.

  • To receive a full refund from Lufthansa, you must fill in the Refund form.

  • For a refund on tickets purchased from travel agencies, please contact them directly.

 Lufthansa Refund Policy 

If you are not satisfied with the service, you can request a full refund.

  • You can cancel your reservation within 24 hours.

  • Lufthansa cancels flight

  • Lufthansa delays you flight by more time than 2 hours due a problem at least 1 days before departure, and by more hours due a problem on the day that you travel.

  • You have a non-refundable ticket.

  • COVID-19: Lufthansa cancels your flight

  • Although you had a booking confirmed, you were denied boarding.

  • You cannot fly due to an illness or death that is sudden and you have the proof.

 Lufthansa Refund Police--Other Condition 


What more should I know about Lufthansa flight cancellations & refunds?

Here are some other important facts you need to know about Lufthansa’s return policy:

  • Lufthansa has a policy of refunded tickets. If purchased by credit card, they will be refunded within 7 business days and if paid by check or cash within 20 business days. It is possible that refunds will take longer because of a high backlog.

  • To receive a full refund for a flight that was cancelled by Lufthansa you must fill in a Refund Request Form.

  • All refunds will only be given to the original payment form. Payments made with credit cards will be returned back to the creditcard account.

  • All taxes and fees will be refunded for tickets that have been used but not yet used.

  • You can get your tickets refunded if you haven't used any part of their itinerary. This includes taxes and fees.

  • If you've requested a refund online, via phone, email or online, please do not resubmit the request as it may delay your refund.

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