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JetBlue Change Flight Policy

It doesn't matter if you are asking JetBlue to change your flight or making last-minute adjustments to your travel plans. People are often forced to change their plans due to unusual circumstances. It could be due to an uncontrollable circumstance or a family emergency. What would you do in such a situation? JetBlue is the best airline for you to relax and unwind. The sixth-largest airline in America will make sure that all of your travel needs are met.

 JetBlue Flight Changes and New Fare Policy 2021 

Any cancellations or changes must be made before departure. Although most tickets can be canceled, they will be credited to the JetBlue Travel Bank. JetBlue Mosaic used to offer free ticket changes, but this is no longer true. JetBlue is the only airline to allow basic low-cost fares changes (for a fee), while other airlines make them non-refundable.

 How do I change JetBlue flight? 

 JetBlue Flight Bookings 

Online flight changes are the easiest way for customers to make their reservation changes. To do so:

You can visit the JetBlue Airlines website to complete the process by checking in at My Trip and entering your information. You will need to enter your confirmation code, last name, departure and destination cities when you use the online option.

Online adjustments can be made to your flight using the JetBlue Airlines mobile application. The entire flight modification process can be done once you have logged into My Trip.

JetBlue Airlines mobile app and website can be used by flyers to make flight changes or revisions.

 JetBlue Flight Revisions Offline 

Online customers can modify their tickets offline if they are unable to make changes to an online flight. You can also make offline adjustments to your flight by calling JetBlue's reservation number, visiting the airline's ticket counter, or using a self service kiosk at the airport.

 JetBlue Flight Booking 

JetBlue Flight Changes costs vary depending on the type of ticket and price.

  • Tickets under $100 are eligible for the Blue and Blue Plus price reductions of $75
  • You'll need $100 to exchange $100 tickets for $149.99
  • $150 to convert a $150 ticket into a $199.99 one, and $200 to exchange a $200 ticket.
  • The airline's Blue Basic fare cannot be cancelled or modified. The Blue Extra fare is available.
  • The customer will be responsible for the difference in the revised fare.
  • JetBlue also offers $75 standby tickets

 JetBlue Name Changing Policy 

These are the requirements for a JetBlue name change:

  • JetBlue must comply with the regulations.
  • JetBlue should have verified and operated all flights on the ticket.
  • Limitation to name correction on airline tickets is limited to one ticket per reprint.
  • Any additional corrections in name will include all rate increases and change costs.
  • It is impossible to change flight dates, fare class, or fare codes.
  • Corrections of the first name may be made to match government-issued IDs/passports.
  • Except for name corrections, you can't change your date of birth or gender. The airline will accept a correction of name or DOB if it is deemed a name change.

JetBlue Airlines Same-Day Flight Change

Customers can also use the Jetblue same day flight change option at kiosks before the flight departure. Customers can also speak with a JetBlue Airlines representative in the airport ticket office. Same-day flight adjustments can be made free of charge on the same day as the customer's original planned flight. The travel must be on the same day, with the same aircraft and between the same airports or cities. The airport should be able to make same-day changes 24 hours prior to the original flight schedule. For destinations with daily direct flights, however, this option is not available.

JetBlue's booking number can be reached at any time for assistance with booking your flight or to modify your ticket. JetBlue is available 24 hours a days and ready to assist travelers.

 Schedule Modification Policy 

EMDs cannot be refunded. You must return all relevant EMDs or AEs if there is an accident or voluntary change to your itinerary. If the customer still wishes to purchase accessories from the revised itinerary, a new EMD must also be obtained. All EMD must be obtained if the itinerary is not changed. A debit note will then be issued to the travel agency to reimburse the wrong EMD.

A client may purchase an item from jetblue, but then change their travel plans. To get an EMD refund, or to request a new one, clients should contact JetBlue customer support.

 Reorder option upon Program Change 

 In less than 60 Minutes 

Clients who wish to modify their reservations will be charged for any change costs or applicable fare discrepancies.

 Program changes between 60 and 119 min 

  • Book the customer for any flight in the same city pair, to the same city the day before or after the original flight.
  • All ticket discrepancies and modification fees are waived. However, the customer must make au pair swaps using the appropriate exclusion codes.

 120 minute program change 

  • You can rebook the customer for any flight within the same area or to another city the same day, the next day, or the day following the original flight. If no flights are scheduled within the window, you can transfer the client up to seven days in either direction of the actual ticket.
  • All ticket discrepancies and modification fees are waived. However, customers will need to process au pair swaps using the appropriate exclusion codes.

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