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JetBlue cancellation policy

JetBlue's cancellation policy is a hassle-free way for passengers to cancel their flights. JetBlue makes cancellation of flights easier and more cost-effective. JetBlue offers instant cancellation options for domestic as well as international flights. Here are the highlights of JetBlue’s cancel flight policy.

  • JetBlue Ticket Refundable Tickets- Passengers may cancel a JetBlue flight online for refund if purchased directly through the airline on a refundable, or no restricted fare

  • JetBlue Tickets Non-Refundable - JetBlue cancellation policy states that if you cancel your non-refundable ticket, the only thing that can be claimed is taxes

  • Cancel JetBlue Airfare for Credit –The claim for a reimbursement in the form of future travel credits after you have requested cancellation of the flight would be valid up to one (1) year from the date of cancellation.

  • JetBlue Flight refunded - All JetBlue refunds requests will be credited back the original form payment such as the card used to pay for the ticket.

  • JetBlue Cancel flight Fee - JetBlue charges for cancellations would apply on both the restricted and non-restricted tickets, regardless the fare type and service class.

  • JetBlue 24-hour Cancellation – If the ticket originated from the USA and was purchased within 24 hours, passengers can cancel the booking and JetBlue would waive any cancellation fee - so long as the flight reservation has been made at least one week in advance of the scheduled flight departure.

  • JetBlue Cancel anytime Travel Protection In case of medical sickness, in which the passenger isn't fit to fly or requires hospitalization or have been in an accident on the road, or in case the passenger dies, passengers can cancel their flight. JetBlue cancellation would still be covered.

  • JetBlue Cancellation Because of Weather –Weather is likely to delay or disrupt your scheduled departure. JetBlue cancellation policy provides that passengers have the right to cancel flights. JetBlue cancellation fee waivers would apply. Refunds would be given in the form future travel credits for any portion not used.

  • Cancelling JetBlue Flight Award -Mosaic members are subjected to a JetBlue award cancelation fee when cancelling a flight that is non-refundable. Refunds would be issued as a future travel credit.

  • JetBlue Funeral Cancellation –In the case of the passing of a passenger who has made a reservation, a full flight refund will be issued. For validation, the copy of your death certificate must be submitted within fourteen days of JetBlue's flight cancellation request.

 JetBlue Ticket Cancellation Rules 

Here are some important details and highlights of the JetBlue cancelation rules.

  • JetBlue Basic Cancellation Blue Basic fares are non-refundable. Each person travelling within the US, Mexico and Central America is charged a $200 cancellation fee.

  • JetBlue Cancellation on the Phone: A non-refundable 25 USD charge in addition the JetBlue cancel fee would be assessed for any cancellation made over the phone

  • Cancel JetBlue Credit Card. A JetBlue Credit Card reservation that was non-refundable will result in a return of the unused fare.

  • JetBlue Travel Bank refunded. Any JetBlue cancellations request made for a non-refundable ticket would receive a travel credits as a reimbursement. The credit would be deposited at the JetBlue Travel Bank. JetBlue Airways cancellation policy provides that the travel credit issued to the passenger is valid for no more than 30 days. It can be used at any time, including when purchasing a new ticket.

  • JetBlue Moleic Cancellation. Members of Mosaic Rewards are subject to a JetBlue cancellation fee for cancelling a non-refundable fare. However, a future travel credits would allow the refund. JetBlue Mosaic will waive its cancellation fee for same-day cancellations. If you cancel your flight within 24 hours, the purchase of ant travel essentials would be refunded.

  • JetBlue Full Refundable Fares. JetBlue cancellation policy stipulates that no refunds would be granted if cancellations were made prior to the scheduled departure. JetBlue flight cancellation fees will apply. Cancellations made after the scheduled departure do not qualify for a refund. If the flight is cancelled, the booking amount will be converted to travel credit and would be available for future usage.

  • JetBlue Non Refundable Fares JetBlue cancellations for restricted fares before departure are subject to a JetBlue cancellation fee. A claim for a refund of the travel credit would be issued to the JetBlue customer. JetBlue travel credit cannot be used towards future travel.

  • JetBlue Free Cancellation - JetBlue ticket cancellations on all Government or Military fares are allowed. The unused portion is valid for all fare types. JetBlue cancellation fees can apply.

  • JetBlue Flight Cancellation Policy for a No-Show. In the event that a JetBlue Non-Refundable Fare is not cancelled prior the scheduled departure, the entire amount of the booking would be forfeited.

 JetBlue 24 Hour Cancellation Policy 

JetBlue has a 24-hour cancellation policy that allows passengers to cancel their flight reservation within 24 hours. However, they can only claim a refund if the scheduled departure day is 7 or more days prior to cancellation. JetBlue doesn't charge cancellation fees. In addition,

  • JetBlue 24hr cancellations are not available for vacation packages

  • JetBlue cancellation fees within 24 hour - Any modification to bookings are not eligible. A per-person cancellation fee will apply, depending on how fare is booked.

  • JetBlue cancellation policy within 24 Hours - JetBlue flight refunds for cancellations of less than 24 hours will be credited to your original payment within 7-10 business days.

  • JetBlue will not cancel any flight booked with more then 9 passengers within 24 hours.

  • JetBlue 24hr cancellation is possible via the airline’s website in the Manage Booking section. Or by calling JetBlue cancel flight at the number.

 JetBlue Covid Cancellation Policy 

JetBlue will charge a cancellation fee to all passengers who buy JetBlue flights after Jan 2021 because they are affected by the omicron version and the Covid-19 epidemic. Passengers can cancel their booking via in the 'Manage Bookings’ section. Depending upon the type of ticket purchased and the class of the service, passengers can opt to get a refund or a JetBlue bank credit. These options are valid for up 365 days.

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 JetBlue Cancellation Fees 

JetBlue charges a 25 USD fee to cancel passengers' flights.

JetBlue customers who cancel online can save this $25 non-refundable fee per passenger

All flight bookings made before January 2021 incur a cancellation fee

Blue Basic Cuisine 

Flying within the U.S.A. Caribbean, Mexico, Central America 

International Routes 

JetBlue Cancellation Fee

100 USD

200 USD

Blue Fare Blue Plus Fare 

Flying within the U.S., Caribbean or Mexico. 

International Routes 

JetBlue Cancellation Fee

75 USD

150 USD

Blue Extra Fare, Mint Fare 

Flying within the U.S.A., Caribbean, Mexico and Central America 

International Routes 

JetBlue Cancellation Fee

150 USD

200 USD

JetBlue Cancellation Fee Waived 

These are the conditions where JetBlue charges no cancellation fees

  • JetBlue customers who cancel their booking within 24hrs of making it will not be charged a cancellation fee.

  • If the flight is delayed 4 hours or longer, the cancellation fee waiver is applied. Passenger must cancel the flight to get a JetBlue cancel flight reimbursement.

  • JetBlue's cancellation waiver policy will be in effect for all kinds of bereavement.

  • If the JetBlue flight cancellation is made by the airline and the confirmed passenger cancels, the JetBlue cancellation fee would be waived.

 How to Cancel a JetBlue Flight? 

Passengers may cancel their flight online or over the phone. The following are methods to cancel your JetBlue flight:

 JetBlue Cancel Flight Online 


Follow these steps to cancel JetBlue online flights

  • Visit Navigate to the Manage Booking' section.

  • To access JetBlue reservation information, enter six-digit confirmation codes and the surname for the passenger

  • Select the flight and click on cancel.

  • JetBlue offers a refund for cancellations depending on whether the payment was made by the original method or as a travel voucher.

  • Click the 'Confirmation’ button to cancel the flight

  • Once the cancellation is completed, an email confirmation of cancellation will be sent directly to the passenger's address.

 JetBlue Cancellation Via Phone Number 

Restricted fare passengers can cancel a flight reservation over-the-phone by calling JetBlue's cancellation number.

  • Keep your booking number handy so you can connect to the next JetBlue executive.

  • Ask JetBlue for assistance in cancelling the booking.

  • Check out the refund amount generated from your booking

  • JetBlue cancellation policy: The flight booking can be subject to a cancellation fee. You must cancel the flight at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure.

  • Restricted fare passengers will get the flight cancellation email via their registered email. The travel credit can be used up to 365-days after cancellation.

 JetBlue Flight Delays and Cancellations 

JetBlue wants your travel experience to go smoothly and without any hassle. However, sometimes things can go wrong. Let's learn what to do if plans change.

JetBlue Cancellation- In some cases, the weather may cause delays to your flight or at the terminal. JetBlue may provide plans that will allow you to travel as normal. If this happens,

  • JetBlue will waive any cancellation fees. Passengers affected can cancel flights by going to Manage Booking or calling JetBlue's cancellation number.

  • In the case of JetBlue cancellations because of weather, passengers would need to provide information such as flight confirmation numbers, flight number, travel date, and passenger information such as full names, dates of birth, and contact details.

  • JetBlue flights cancelled because of weather will not be rescheduled.

JetBlue Cancelled the Flight. - In the event that a JetBlue flight is cancelled, and the passenger has a confirmed reservation at time of cancellation, affected passengers will be entitled to -

  • Rebooking is free for the next scheduled departure

  • JetBlue refunds your travel bank account

  • If passengers are not provided an alternate flight within four hours of their original payment, they can receive a refund.

  • JetBlue cancellation compensation may be available to any affected passenger if the flight cancels within 4 hours of departure.

JetBlue Iinerary Cancelled voluntarily - If the passenger cancels the flight in good faith while it is still on schedule for departure, the booking is subject to the fare rules that include the receipt of a JetBlue Bank Credit. In such a case, -

JetBlue will charge a non-refundable change fee to passengers who wish to rebook the cancelled flight. This fee is in addition to any fare differences. Passengers are required to provide PNR number and date of flight, along with information about the passenger such as their email address, birthday, contact number, or date of birth.

 JetBlue Cancellation Compensation 

JetBlue will email passengers within 7 days of the scheduled flight departure if they are eligible for compensation. JetBlue will automatically compensate passengers who cancel their flight.


JetBlue is responsible for cancelling flights that are booked with other airlines.

JetBlue Cancel Flight JetBlue passengers can get a full refund for any portion of their fare, or a complimentary rebooking with JetBlue on the next flight.

JetBlue cancels a flight, and passengers may be eligible for compensation from JetBlue for future travel.

JetBlue Ticket Cancellation 

JetBlue Cancellation Compensation amount 

Within 4 Hours of Flight:

150 USD Credit

After the scheduled departure

200 USD credit

JetBlue Delays and Cancellation: Passengers whose flight is delayed or cancelled by JetBlue have the right for JetBlue compensation for future travel.

JetBlue Flight Time Delay 

JetBlue Cancellation Compensation Amount 

More than 3 Hours between less than 4 Hours

50 USD Credit

Not less than 4 hours but more than 5 hours

100 USD Credit

More than 5 hours, but not more than 6 hours

150 USD Credit

6 hours or more

200 USD Cash Credit

A passenger might be delayed during the onboarding process. In such instances, JetBlue compensation for flight cancellations would be -



More than three hours, but less then five hours

100 USD credit

More than five hours, but less that six hours

175 USD cash

6 or more hours

250 USD credit

JetBlue Refund Policy 

We may need to adjust our travel plans in a split second. JetBlue refund eligibility will depend on your ticket. Here are some highlights from the JetBlue cancellation policies -

  • JetBlue Refund policy 24 hours – If a JetBlue ticket is purchased more than seven days before departure, passengers have 24 hour notice to cancel and request a refund.

  • JetBlue Refund Policy JetBlue vacations packages are non-refundable. JetBlue will charge a cancellation fee. Any remaining balance will be held for future travel credit for one calendar year. This credit can then be used to buy future JetBlue packages.

  • JetBlue Flight Cancellation Refund – As per JetBlue flight cancellation policies, passengers are entitled to full refunds of the unutilized portion of the fare for cancellations or disruptions directly attributed to the airline.

  • JetBlue Delayed Return Policy In the event that a JetBlue flight is delayed for more than 4 hours, passengers are able to cancel their reservation. Refunds would be applied towards any portion not used. There would be no cancellation fee.

  • JetBlue Return Status: After cancelling your JetBlue flight, the claim refund would be credited to the original method in 7-10 working days.

  • JetBlue Travel Credit: As per JetBlue cancellation policies, any refund in form of future credit will remain valid for one (1) year. Credit can then be used for future travel on JetBlue flights and those operated by codeshare partners.

  • JetBlue Price Drop: Any flight ticket purchased within 24-hours of purchase is eligible for a full refund, less any applicable fare.

  • JetBlue Bereavement Return – In the event that a passenger is killed while onboard a JetBlue flight with a confirmed reservation, a complete refund would be made. A copy or the death certificate must accompany the request for cancellation.

  • JetBlue - JetBlue Airlines Refund for Partially Utilized Reservation. If a passenger would like to cancel any portion of the travel, JetBlue Airlines will refund the amount equal to the oneway fare.

  • JetBlue Cancelled Flight Return- Passengers must cancel their flight prior to departure in order to receive a credit to the original method of payment. JetBlue has a cancellation policy that allows for a refundable fare. The refund will be applied to your JetBlue Travel Bank credit and used for future travel.

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